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How do you maintain brand equity when it’s time to evolve?


Big Chief Tire, a full-service automotive specialist in Jacksonville, Florida, was ready for some change. After 50+ years of solid business, the company wanted to bring their brand to life as it was disconnected from the incredibly positive reputation they had earned.


While we knew the logo needed to be updated, it was made very clear that the figure head needed to remain. After some subtle alignment adjustments and a color exploration, we found a more appealing and simplified solution. We paired that with a unique and friendly type treatment and then it was time to develop a style and personality for the rest of the branded material.


The website offers a smooth user experience with a bright and welcoming style. On any device, users can easily get tire quotes, schedule appointments, get directions to any of their four locations and a few other essential functionalities to make Big Chief Tire as valuable and easy-to-work-with as possible.


A highly customized and versatile web presence that has helped raise membership registration and overall awareness to their own membership and beyond.

"In the tire industry, there is mainly one company that handles nearly EVERY tire company website. It’s a lot of cut and paste, and a lot of fluff, and visually very boring. Tired of my site looking like every other tire dealers site, I decided to seek out a company that could build me a GREAT website, and also a great brand.

stump.works has proved to be just that. I had a basic idea about what we wanted with a finished product when we started the project. My site does not look much like that idea, but it looks 1000 times better. Their creativity took over, and they led me through the process of converting what was in my head to something that was so much better!

Through the 1st 5 months of this year, my website has seen 5,340 MORE unique users than through the same period last year – that is a 62% increase! While I feel like that speaks for itself, nick's team has done so much more than that.

When we were in the process of building the new site, we were also redesigning our company logo. They had designed what ended up being our new company logo, and we weren’t completely satisfied. I wanted the main focus to be our chief, but still have a “tire theme” to go with it. In the past, marketing companies I have worked with would have done exactly that. Make the customer happy, by doing exactly what he ask, even though they are the experts. Nick's team held their ground. They let me know they were happy to give me some other mock-ups to look at, but they wanted to deliver a clear message and strongly felt like a “tire theme” would water down the message. I wear the logo on my shirt virtually every day, and I can say with absolute certainty they were right.

We’ve been in business for 50 years, and have tired MANY companies that claimed they could help us brand and market ourselves successfully. stump.works is the first company who has made that claim, and followed through. They’re an A+ in my book!"

Reed Parman, President of Big Chief Tire

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