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How do you freshen a brand without losing its flavor?


As a popular local barbecue restaurant, Lancaster’s had gained a dedicated following of patrons looking for good southern eatin’. After years of success, they opened a second location, utilizing the same menu but offering a very different experience. During that time the brand became diluted and suffered from an identity crisis – customers who were used to one location felt estranged walking into the other. With the desire to consider future franchise options, we were brought in to partner with this local favorite, producing a consistent and refined image that speaks to their saucy personality.


With no intention of discarding their existing brand equity, we met several times with the Lancaster’s team to learn about their history, current business climate and future goals. We then suggested that we create a more cohesive brand image using what we understood what unified their two locations.


With a loyal following and much success, Lancaster’s did not want the logo to suggest that what they loved had gone away. Our design process explored many directions, but it was a vintage-inspired style that got our client excited. With no intention of feeling like a startup, the image positioned the brand with an established personality.


One of the most pressing needs was a reimagined menu, focusing on legibility and organization while still conveying their relaxed personality. Careful organization and language development brought this piece to life, which received immediate and positive feedback from customers. The wait staff also appreciates it; having an easy-to-use menu meant less questions and happier customers which translated into better tips and increased brand value.


The largest component of the rebranding process was the new website, which was developed on a fully responsive platform that focuses on simple navigation. Whether a user is on a desktop computer or a smartphone, the website provides a complete picture of Lancaster’s, from locations, menu items, a photo gallery and the overall experience.


As this brand continues to mature and reach new audiences, the groundwork we laid down has been the backbone of effective positioning. We look forward to expanding our relationship and helping this local favorite reach all of their goals.

“To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical at first about what Nick and his team could do to help improve our brand image and increase traffic for my barbecue restaurants. They definitely exceeded my expectations - so much so that I asked them the next year to help completely rebrand and promote another business I have, Jeffrey's Restaurant. They dive in a project and get it done and they make it as stress free as possible. I’m a fan!”

Jeff Lancaster, Owner, Lancaster’s BBQ founder and owner and owner of Jeffrey’s Restaurant

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