Location: Charlotte, NC


How does style support the efforts of a diverse brand offering?


The Pine Island brand continues to evolve so we must keep our sights on all elements within the visual brand to help support the overall efforts. We recently updated numerous brand touchpoints to push the level of quality even further.


Having a clear understanding of Pine Island’s goals, we push their image through photography, typography and overall style choices which are implemented via their website (view case study), e-communications, advertisements, monthly newsletter, business collateral, signage and an ever-increasing list of uniquely branded material.

Pine Island is far more than than a golf course. The Club is comprised of distinct divisions, each needing individual attention. These unique parts had to work individually and cohesively to support Pine Island’s mission. Photography became an essential tool for identifying these categories: golf, dining, event planning and social offerings.

As one of the most regular means of reaching the membership, their eblast system was recently updated to maintain a consistency between these and the newly updated website.


Through all branded material, our solutions support their efforts and speak a consistent voice, positioning Pine Island as a diverse, established and approachable country club. As the brand continues to evolve, we look forward to supporting their efforts with many unique projects and challenges to come.

"As COO and General Manager of Pine Island Country Club, I looked for partners to our business and not just vendors. NIck's team is knowledgeable, creative, energetic, positive-thinking, open to suggestions and dedicated to going the extra mile. Be it increasing our customer/membership base to promoting events/catering options to assisting with a company function to building a company internet site, stump.works has been that beacon of light that helps guide our company through the ever changing marketing and social media avenues. I strongly recommend Nick and his team."

Joe Brenkus, COO and previous General Manager of Pine Island


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