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stump.works is the digital development, and branding consultancy of Nick Fry. Based out of Charlotte, NC and partnering with government organizations, business leaders and innovative start-ups to invent and reinvent the digital products and brands of tomorrow.

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How can solid branding help raise $25 million dollars?
How can confidence inspire positioning for a brand personality?
How can a new website help position a brand to take over the #1 spot?
How can a brand help a niche business expand into a broader offering?
How can a website help deliver a core brand message?
How can a few thoughtful pieces elevate a business driven by relationships?
How can an updated brand prepare an established company for the future?
How can rebranding bring new life to an established town-favorite?
How do you freshen a brand without losing its flavor?
How can a website help a restaurant connect to its community?
How can branding help create a historic personality?
How can a name change and rebranding help with company evolution?

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"Nick is the real deal! You won't regret it. I STRONGLY recommend stump.works to anyone looking to build ANYTHING online!"

- Gabe
Founder @Matrix Mirrors