Location: Charlotte, NC


How can a website help a restaurant connect to its community?


After being open for two years, Chillfire Bar & Grill was ready to establish themselves with a more clear concept and personality. They made a commitment to sourcing their menu as locally as possible and to support their neighborhood however they could. With a revamped menu offering and redefined focus, their website needed to become the vehicle to deliver this message.


From the start of the project, we expressed the importance of professional, carefully orchestrated photography. Working with Afterglow Creative, we were able to capture the intricate details that separate this unique restaurant from the crowd. Using these images as a backbone, we worked with the Chillfire team to develop the language and style that would position the company appropriately.

Every detail we designed was as carefully considered as the ingredients in their menu. We made sure the main user functions were at the forefront of our development: viewing the menu and making a reservation, no matter what device they use. The design is responsive, clean and friendly, with a level of sophistication that has always been important to their image. We developed the logo a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this project that we were able to truly flex our branding muscles to help them define and deliver their message.


The website has been very well received, offering their followers a much needed place to become even more connected to this brand than ever before. A fun and delicious project, we look forward to being an increasingly important asset to this small town gem with a big city heart.

“I have had such great success with Nick and his team that we are starting the birth of a new project. Nick takes great care in listening to the concept of your business and the ideas and direction that you would like to proceed. There is more than just a name to a business but also an identity. stump.works has exceeded my expectations in capturing all the components that brand a company and makes it stand out. I found the whole process very enlightening and with the knowledge I gained, was better able to articulate my vision and direction in my next project. We all have friends and family that are 'Graphic Artists'. Trust me you get what you pay for.”

Jim Morasso,

President of Chillfire Bar & Grill & Webb Custom Kitchen


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