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How can a name change and rebranding help with company evolution?


One of our long term clients, Jasper Library Furniture, was preparing to reposition themselves from a small niche furniture designer and manufacturer to a much more diverse market. With new products, new energy and aggressive growth goals, we were excited to take on this exciting challenge.


We worked carefully with the team at Jasper to identify their goals, review existing material and consider the best strategy for a subtle, but important shift of focus. Early in the process it became clear that a name change was essential to best support their efforts. Initial logo development began as JLF, but during the process it was decided it was time to start fresh with a new name that would engage their employees and send a solid message to their market about their new direction. The development of the mark was inspired by some of their more geometric product offering and was a natural influence on our logo design process.


Utilizing engaging imagery of their custom-created furniture solutions, we carefully assessed the most effective way to present their wide variety of products in marketing materials. This was accomplished with a sophisticated yet minimal style that is appropriate for their modern offerings as they begin to transition out their more traditional offerings. Their website and printed product binder act as their most valuable business tools and were each developed with careful consideration to a sustainable consistency that was also carried throughout all other branded materials.


LIAT has successfully expanded their market reach, product offering, web traffic and overall brand value, supported by our goal-oriented partnership. We continue to help position their unique furniture offerings with effective design solutions, and are sincerely excited for the future of our evolving relationship.

"Nick has played a major role in the rebranding efforts of JLF to LIAT. We aimed to increase our speed to market, broaden our markets and continue to push our cutting edge product design, all of which stump.works has helped make a success. With stump.works' involvement through creative ideas, development and website design, LIAT has benefited with increased volume and brand awareness nationwide. LIAT continues to add product collections and website development in partnership with Nick and his team."

Brian Lish, President of LIAT

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