Location: Charlotte, NC


How can branding help a family create a positive impact on their world?


With a successful career behind them, a husband and wife team decided it was time to give back. To do so, they started a foundation that will serve a wide range of philanthropic efforts. Given that range, we needed to develop a solution that would maintain appropriateness as they evolve their efforts.

To retain their anonymity, our client asked that their name be changed in sharing their project in our portfolio. “Everhart” was chosen by stump.works and does not reflect the actual name of the Foundation. Any likeness to other foundations is purely coincidental.


While we explored numerous directions, the idea of “planting seeds to create a legacy of change” spoke to our client the most. The final solution uses multiple seed shapes of varying colors to represent the Foundation’s diverse efforts. The approachable and friendly star pairs well with a professional type treatment that can appeal to a broad audience.



Appropriateness is always the name of the game, and in this case it was extremely important. Our solutions bring in just enough life and energy to speak to the nature of the Foundation while maintaining a professional personality.

"Nick Fry was recommended to me from a local Charlotte business owner, and our family was so happy with his team, we used them twice. Both for the re-launch of the family business logo and design but a second time for the creation of the family foundation. stump.works really listened to what my family wanted in the foundation logo: happy, fun, colorful and exciting. We are thrilled to have a logo for the foundation that looks as good as the philanthropic mission is."

Eve, Managing Director of the Foundation


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